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Published on January 10, 2024

Want to know Apollo 247 referral code? Well you have landed on the right article.

Apollo 24/7 is a part of the Apollo Hospital group and is an addition to the vast variety of services that they provide. The app is a useful service that was founded by Dr. Prathap C Reddy.

Which allows medical services to be accessible to a wider audience. The app provides various benefits to the individuals who choose to sign up and make use of the service.

Apollo 247 referral code

The application has many added benefits and services to support the individual’s medical needs. You can also gain many benefits from simply referring 

Other people to the application allowing you to make use of the service and making the service a little cheaper and more affordable.

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Apollo 247 Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

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Apollo 247 Code


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Click To Copy Apollo 247 Referral Code


How to Avail Apollo 247 Refer Earn Offer

  • Open Apollo 247 App.
  • Go to the Menu.
  • Select Refer and Earn.
  • Share your referral code with your friends and family
  • You will receive Rs. 100 credit for each referral.
Apollo 24/7 Referral Code

How To Sign - Up on Apollo 24/7

  • To sign up to Apollo 24/7, the first step is to download the application using your preferred App Store, depending on your device.
  • The next step is installing the app on your device and beginning the registration process by inputting your mobile number on the application form.
  • Apollo 24/7 Referral Code
    • You will receive an OTP for the verification of the phone number
    • Once the OTP has been input, you will find yourself on the next screen. 
    • Submit the details requested here.
    • This will complete your sign-up process.

    Amount received at the time of Sign-Up

    At the moment of signing up, you can gain access to the ability to refer the app to other individuals who may be able to benefit from the service provided. 

    If you use a referral code or use the link via the app to begin the signup process, you will be able to gain Rs 100 as a flat amount for using the application and gaining the many services and benefits it provides to its users.

    Apollo 24/7 Referral Program

    The Apollo 24/7 Referral program is one of the most interesting that allows you to provide friends and family members access to an amazing service while also gaining some benefits for yourself. 

    You will be allowing the app to reach out to a wider audience that may benefit from the service.

    • You must first log into the service with a valid email address
    • Upon doing so, you must navigate to the Menu
    • In the Menu option, you can select Refer and Earn
    • Upon choosing the option, you will receive a referral code, which can be shared with family, friends, and your overall social network.
    • You will also receive up to Rs. 100 for each referral. 

    Offers available at the moment on Apollo 24/7

    • There are various App Coupons and Promo codes that are available at the moment.
    • There is a Flat 20% Off, for all products on the application.
    • There is also a 20% + Rs. 120 Cashback which can be used for medicine orders to gain back a certain amount of a cost.
    • You can get a Covid 19 RTPCR Test at Rs 750 with the correct code.
    • There is a Flat 25% off the very first 3 Medicine Order
    • There are Free Gynaecological consultations for the first time.

    Pros and Cons of apollo 24/7

    Apollo 24/7 is a brilliant service with many pros which makes it an ideal choice for anyone who requires consistent medical services and requires good medical care and attention. Some of the many benefits are the following:

    • You can gain a certain amount of Cashback on the purchase of medicine from the app
    • You can very easily consult with professionals and specialists for any concerns you may have
    • The medicine can be easily delivered directly to your home making it very easy and accessible.
    • You always have access to your medical records which have been stored on the application itself.

    Apollo 24/7 Customer Care Number

    The Apollo 24/7 Customer care service operates primarily through WhatsApp, and they can be reached through the given number.

    The response timing is very quick and you can get most grievances sorted out in a matter of minutes. The Customer Care Number is: +91 40 48218743

    A simple message to this phone number can easily manage any issues you may be facing in the app. You can also use the following mail for any grievances: helpdesk@apollo247.com

    Ratings & Reviews of Apollo 24/7

    Apollo 24/7 is highly rated as one of the most accessible and useful services in the medical field today. It is highly revered for the vast variety of services that it provides and It can allow a larger amount of freedom to its users.

     The application is loved and appreciated because it makes the lives easier of Elders and individuals who are disabled and those that suffer from chronic illnesses.

    These individuals live a very difficult life and it takes a great deal of effort to manage a lot of the elements that are involved in this process.

    Being able to manage all medical appointments, medicine purchases and other medical procedures allows them more freedom in their life and less stress. It has been rated highly by most of its users and consumers.


    The Apollo 24/7 app has many benefits to offer and the application as a whole can easily help you to manage many of your medical needs.

    These medical services can often be more comfortable and cheaper as discounts and coupons become a common aspect of the service.

    The refer and earn program by the service also allows you to leverage your social network and allow you to refer the service to other people,

    While also gaining some benefits for yourself which can be very convenient and helpful in your life. It is imperative that you go through all the relevant terms and conditions of Apollo 24/7 to claim various benefits and cash back referrals in the long run.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Is Apollo 24/7 Safe?

    Apollo 24/7 is a safe and usable service for any of your medical needs. It can provide medical assistance, and consulting and can allow you to purchase medicine right out of the application.

    Making it very safe and very easy to use as a service. It is recognized as one of the best applications to use for medical needs and is easily utilized.

    2. How much money can I save on my Apollo 24/7 rst medication order?

    If you sign up and order from the apollo application, you can gain various benefits. You can gain up to 25% off on your first three orders.

    You also can gain up to 100 rs cashback from the application for all orders above 750 rs if you make your first order in the first 24 hours of account opening.

    3. How do I get Apollo’s referral code?

    To get an Apollo referral code, you must first create an account on the Apollo website or the Apollo 24/7 app. Then under the menu section, you will see the option to refer a friend. 

    Clicking on this option will allow you to get an apollo referral code that can be shared with friends and family members should they wish to join and utilize the services provided by the application.

    4. How do I refer someone to Apollo Pharmacy?

    To refer someone to the Apollo pharmacy, you must first create an Apollo 24/7 account. With the assistance of this account, you can now gain access to the Refer a friend option under the menu. 

    Clicking on this option will provide you with a link and code that can be very used to refer other people to the app.

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