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Published on January 9, 2024

Thousands of platforms and applications are trying to establish themselves in the age of digitalization.

One of the most important and efficient marketing strategies used by companies to expand their customer or user base is ‘refer and Earn’.

Who wouldn’t like to win $1 for referring the app to their friends and family?  


Grabpoints is the best and most reliable app for rewarding gift cards.

In this article, we will explain to you the ongoing grab point promo code and exciting referral program of GrabPoints. Thus, make sure to read the article till the end and not miss any segment.

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Grab Points Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

Grab Points Referral Code - Earn 500 Points

Grab Points Referral Code


Using Referral Code Get

250 Points

Earn per Referral

500 Points

Invite a Friend program

Only For App

GrabPoint Redeem


Click To Copy Grab Points Referral Code


How to Avail Grab Points Refer And Earn Offer

  • Open Grab Point App.
  • Go to the Menu.
  • Click on Refer Friends
  • Now click on Grabpoint Invite Codes
  • Copy your code and share it among your friends, family and relatives
  • You will get rewarded once user sign up using your referral code.
Grabpoints google play donwload link
grabpoints interface

How to make money online from Grabpoint? 

Well, Grabpoint is one of the oldest and most reliable platforms for cashback providers and gift cards. Grabpoints allows you to make money by just signing up on the app, and referring the app to your friends,

with each successful referral, watching videos, trying different apps, completing surveys, and many other exciting things.

Grabpoint is now available as an app for the android system. The simple principle to earn points on Grabpoint is to complete the simple tasks,

take part in surveys, or just by engaging yourself in an exciting and reliable refer and earn program. 

Grabpoints Promo code 

Now you know Grabpoints is the gift cards and cashback provider app and allows you to win amazing cashback and points by just completing small and easy tasks such as trying apps, refer and earn, and completing surveys.

The first and best feature of Grabpoint is to give reward points just by using the grab points promo codes while signing up on the app.

Here, is the list of some worthy promo codes that will allow you to win 50-500 points for signing up on the app.

-KLRALK: 500 Points
-LIVEFEEDWOOT: 15 points
-REFERFIRENDS: 10 points
-GETSTARTED: 7 points
-SURVEYSROCK: 7 points
-NEWUSEROCK: 7 points

Grab Points Referral Code 

First of all, understand you can win points up to 500 just by using a promo code while opening an account on Grabpoints, or you can even use the promo code after opening up an account by clicking on to the menu,

and then tapping on the promo code, and paste the mentioned invite code. Copy the code, and receive the points.

Invite code: BV4KJB

How to get started with the Grabpoints invite code?

All the referral programs are two-edged swords, it yields profit and advantages for brands at the same time to customers or existing users. Grabpoint is the oldest and most amazing cashback platform.

Since years it has been thriving and proving amazing reward card gift offers to its customers. When it comes to invite code of Grabpoints, the invite code is the most powerful medium to earn points.

In this segment of the article, we will make sure you have your way with invite codes, and gain some points. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully. 

Step 1: First of all click on the mentioned link to join Grab Points.

Step 2: Now you will be prompted to add the invite code, thus make sure to enter the invite code mentioned below to earn 500 points.  

Step 3: Now after this, you already have earned 500 points, now move forward by entering other basic credentials such as gender, email ID, etc to earn another 150 points.

Step 4: Moving forward, go to the menu and tap on the ‘get started’ tab.

Step 5: Now add your Facebook profile, get your email verified, and do other basic tasks to get 200 points.

Step 6: Now go to the option of Invite friends.

Step 7: Copy your code, and start sharing the referral link or code with your friends.

Refer and Earn in Grabpoints 

grabpoints  refer and earn

In this segment of the article, we will create a mini-guide for the referral program of Grabpoints. Make sure to check out the further steps to enroll yourself in the referral program of Invite code. With every successful referral, you can earn up to 500 points.

Step 1: First of all, make sure to join Grabpoint.

Step 2: Now follow the above-mentioned steps to open up an account on Grab point.

Step 3: After this, tap on the menu.

Step 4: Now look for the option of ‘Refer friends’ or ‘Invite friends.

Step 5: Copy the app and share the invite code with your friends or family members. 

How to Earn Points in Grabpoints

  1. Refer Friends Well, all know the power of referrals, now imagine gaining money by just referring the app to your friends. Sounds interesting right? Now imagine winning 100 to 500 points on each referral.

    Yes, this is possible, you can gain earn points through the referral program of GrabPoint. Click on the menu> now look for the option of Refer Friends> Tap on Refer friends> now copy the referral or invite code and forward it to your friends and family members. With every successful referral, you are entitled to win 500 points. 
  1. Watch a Video About How to Earn With DesktopWatching videos is fun right? Just sitting on the sofa and watching videos, all comfy.

    Now the oldest and most reliable gift card and cashback website of Grab points, allows you to win 5 points just by watching videos either on your phone, desktop, tablet, or any other device.
     Make sure you access from the device, this will allow you to win exciting offers and gain points. 
  1. We Have a Live FeedIt might be hard to keep track of the ongoing offers. Thus, Grab point has made it easier for you to keep an eye on every newly launched offer and will instantly allow you to seize the opportunity.

    How does this happen? Grabpoint has launched the Livefeed. For reading this you will receive 15 points. 
  1. Get Started Now you know all the fancy regarding Grabpoints, so to earn points there are thousands of ways to gain points and now in this segment, we will describe the ways to earn points on Grabpoint.

    First of all click on ‘Get started, do the simple easy tasks such as linking your Facebook profile or any other basic task and earn 7 Points. 
  1. Download AppsYou can earn 8 points by just exploring apps on Grabpoint. Once you have installed the app of Grabpoint, start by exploring and downloading different apps on your phone, make sure to keep the below things in mind. 
  • If you previously downloaded the app, then you won’t be liable to earn points.
  • Make sure to spend your few minutes on the app, before uninstalling it.
  • Not to be quick! Make sure to have some time distance while installing the apps on your mobile phone. 
  • Read carefully, in certain apps credits will only be transferred after a certain condition.
  • During this case, it might take almost 24-48 hours to receive the credits. So just wait patiently, instead of fuzzing about not receiving credits instantly.
  1. Surveys Yes, you can earn 10+ points on grabpoints by just completing numerous surveys. It is one of the most beneficial and interesting ways of earning points on Grabpoint.

    Here is the list of some profilers for the surveys. Make sure to complete these surveys for gaining a jump start and experience of surveys. Thus, keep reading and keep exploring. 
  • Peanut labs: Start the survey with an as simple question as What is your gender?
  • CINT surveys: This is the most basic and simple profiler which allows you to earn 10 points. 
  • Research for good 
  • Opinion network
  1. Watch Our 1 MILLION Member Celebration Video Here, we are again introducing the opportunity to gain 5 points by just watching a video, but this video is different.

    You will earn a video by watching the 1 million member celebration video. Make sure to watch all sorts of videos on Grabpoints, by clicking on the option ‘watch video’.
  1. Promo codes Well, we already introduced the benefits and advantages of promo codes when it comes to Grabpoints.

    The promo codes are the secret code that can be entered in the promo code box to earn 8 points on Grab points.

    Well, as secretive as it sounds, it is sort of a very simple process. Go to the menu, now go to the option of ‘promo code’ and type the promo code you have and gain 8 points. 

Grabpoint real or fake

It is very common to have second thoughts about a platform such as Grab point. Here we are to clear your doubt and just give peace of mind to you.

Grabpoint is an all-secure, reliable, and real cashback and card gift platform. You can receive points and convert the same points into PayPal cash.

To elaborate upon the same statement, you can refer to the above article to get an understanding of how Grab point works. 

Grabpoint unlimited trick 

Grabpoint trick

There are thousands of websites and apps that claim to give unlimited points and offers. However, that is not true at all. In the case of referring and earning certain applications has a designated or a set limit.

But on the other hand, we have Grabpoin offering unlimited pints on every single task at the same time on the referral program too.


Grabpoints is the best online platform to earn real money. Here, the offers don’t have any limits. You can literally earn as much as you want. Through grab points, you can easily earn up to 1100 points just through the signup process.

Talking along the lines of unlimited tricks, you can earn unlimited points just by doing simple tasks such as taking part in surveys, linking your Facebook and Twitter profile, watching videos, or reading the live feed.  And Grabpoint s a very reliable and real platform.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does grab points have a program?

A1. Yes, Grabpoint does have a referral program. The best part about this referral program of Grabpoint is it is unlimited, With every successful referral, refer is entitled to receive 500 points.

Q2. What is your reward when you refer someone to Grabpoint?

A2. With every successful referral, a referrer is entitled to win 500 points. 

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