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Published on January 10, 2024

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HDFC is India's one of the most trusted and well-built banking and finance companies. It holds 10th position in the list of top 10 private sector banks by assets and market capitalization.

Established in the year 1994, the HDFC bank is owned by Housing Development Finance Corporation, and its headquarters is in Mumbai, India.

HDFC Refer and Earn

HDFC Bank Limited sees variable growth every year in its customer base, and likewise, it is broadening its services and reachability in different ways.

The HDFC Bank also provides its customers with many cashback and price slash schemes. For this and the growing customer base, the bank has an app called EARNINGKART.

On referring through the HDFC security application, you can earn up to Rs 500 on inviting friends and 2500 on sharing your referral code. Through this, you can simply earn some extra just by sharing your referral code.

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HDFC Referral Code Video Tutorial

HDFC Referral Code UPI Earn Money:

HDFC Referral Code


Signup Bonus

Rs.1 and voucher

Earn per Referral

Rs.500 voucher

Invite a Friend program

Only For App

HDFC Redeem

Bank Account



Click To Copy HDFC Referral Code


Click To Open HDFC Invite Link

How to Avail HDFC Refer Earn Offer

  • Open HDFC App.
  • On your dashboard, click on the start referring option.
  • Now, enter your mobile number and enter the OTP > you will get your referral link and code.
  • After that, click on 'Invite Friend' option.
  • Share your invite link on WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc.
  • Get up to Rs. 500 on 1st ever transaction of your friend.

HDFC Bank application is a mobile wallet that allows you access to all the functions without having to go through the trouble of visiting hours of the bank and can operate at any time of the day.

The app allows you to check balances, transfer and receive money, pay credit card bills and many other functions through your phone.

HDFC account opening process

The app makes it easy to open a savings account at home. All you need are a few documents for registration and verification:


Documents Required 

  • A mobile number linked to the Aadhar card
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card

Process of Opening the Account

  • Open the application.
  • Now tap on the open a savings account tab.
  • Enter the required details, that is, the Aadhar card number.
  • You will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP for verification.
  • Now enter the PAN card details and enter the other basic personal details.
  • After proceeding, your account is now ready to operate.
  • You receive your customer id and account number instantly. 

The benefits you receive:

On opening the account with HDFC, you can get instant access to transferring money, net banking, withdrawing money, and many other functions.

How to download the HDFC App?

You can quickly get the app on your phone. If you are accessing through an android phone, follow the steps given below to install the application on your phone:

Step one: Open the play store and search for HDFC Bank.

hdfc netbanking

Step two: Download the application.

hdfc login

Step three: Once the app is installed, you will be asked to log in or sign in using either your customer id or account number.

hdfc sign in

Step four: You can then set a password to log in whenever you want to access the account.

set pin
passcode hdfc

For iPhone/IOS users, the process is similar. The application store for ios is an app store in place of the play store. You can easily follow the steps given below to operate the app on the iPhone as well.

In iPhone/IOS :

  • Step one: Visit the app store and look for HDFC bank.
  • Step two: Give permission to install the app.
  • Step three: After installing the app, open it and sign in using your customer id or account number.
  • Step four: you can then set a password to log in whenever you want to access the account.

Using these steps, you can easily access the app on your phone.It does not take a lot of space and makes it quite accessible for the customer to operate the account at their fingertips.

HDFC Bank application is a mobile wallet that allows you to travel wallet free everywhere.

What is refer and earn?

Refer and earn is a scheme where you get the facility to avail yourself of a little extra money in the form of rewards when you refer the application to another person, be it your friend or family or anyone else.

On installing through your referral code, both of you get some reward for joining. Refer and earn is an easy process where you share your code and can easily be availed if all the terms and conditions are followed carefully.

HDFC Referral Code

HDFC Bank provides its customers with a referring and earning scheme that can avail them a little token of thankfulness and vouchers.

Customers can refer the referral code to their relative or anyone, and when someone login using their referral code, the benefit is availed.

Refer and earn schemes/Ongoing offers

The current refer and earn process includes the following schemes. In case you find HDFC bank convenient  to use and easy to access, you can refer it to your known person.

On referring, you can share your referral code which can benefit you and the person you have shared the code with. The current ongoing schemes are as follows:

HDFC Securities Refer and Earn Scheme

There are certain conditions of HDFC security refer and earn. When you open an account with HDFC, you get a unique referral code that you can refer to other people.

When the referral opens the account, you both get Rs 100 in your account. It also offers a gift voucher depending upon the number of referees. 

hdfc features

Stepwise HDFC Referral Code process

  • Step one: Enter your registered mobile number with the bank
  • Step two: Share the unique link/referral code provided to you.
  • Step three: When the referee opens the account, ask them to use the referral code
  • Step four: Unlock the reward.

Benefits Of HDFC Securities Refer And Earn

The refer and earn scheme of HDFC bank is beneficial for both people. When the referred person signs in to the account using your hdfc referral code, you both get benefits.

The referred person also gets Rs500 Voucher in their account. They also receive timely benefit vouchers that can be used on different platforms. 

Referral amount withdrawal process

The benefit you receive through refer and earn can be availed in the following ways:

  • The Rs.100 gets directly credited to the account. You also receive benefits in the form of gift vouchers.
  • The gift vouchers can be availed with the linked services that provide offers with HDFC bank.
  • Other than these benefits, you also get to enjoy the trustable services of the HDFC bank and all-time support in case of any query.
  • The little earning you get through the HDFC bank refer and earn scheme is a complimentary gift for believing in the HDFC bank and staying connected.

Advantages and disadvantages of HDFC application

Advantages of using the HDFC bank application

  • Accessibility : The reach and accessibility of the bank become relatively easy and save you a lot of time from visiting the bank to standing in the line and waiting for your turn.

    Your everyday transactions and tasks will be faster when you have all the payment information in one spot.
    Accessibility through the phone is always a plus point since it is the most used device and is always within reach.

  • Efficiency: Transactions can be performed promptly using digital wallets. With a few simple steps, you can save your long hours from wasting since there are always long queues in the ban.

    It is the most effective and comfortable way to get the work done at your own fingertips.

  • Security : Mobile wallets keep all your information just to you and are only accessible through you or your permission.

    Hence, unlike other possessions, there is no fear of losing your information to someone else unless it is you who is sharing the confidential information.

    It saves all your card details and your transaction history in one place and is well secured with you. Security codes are sent when you want to perform any transaction, and you are also asked for a password when you enter the app.

  • Instant process : The HDFC bank app saves all the card details, card number, expiry date, and cardholder's name.

    Your information is saved when you enter it, and your payment is processed with a single click. The payment also is made using QR codes.

Disadvantages of using the HDFC Mobile application 

  • It can sometimes cause inconvenience to the failed transactions.
  • The mobile wallet cannot be operated when the server is down.
  • It needs an internet connection to use.

Apart from these factors, the mobile application is quite convenient and efficient to use.

HDFC Terms And Conditions

Underlying are the terms and conditions that need to be followed:

  • If you want to become a referral partner, register by filling up an online or offline empowerment form to your nearest branch and get the KYC done with the agreement and branch details.
  • You can become a referral partner if you are a partnership firm, any individual or a corporation. Your PAN should not be an exchange/SEBI debbared list.
  • You cannot refer to the following clients: those whose account is closed for six months from the day of opening the account, existing relative customer of HCL or has been on bad terms with HCL. An employee of HDFC security, US or Canada-based customer.
  • Once you become a referral partner, you cannot be a proxy holder, and the customer must comply with the KYC norms and documentation.
  • After becoming a referral partner, you are only providing the customer and do not have any relation to the transaction provided by HDFC bank security customers.


The HDFC bank app is easy and accessible. HDFC also offers a referral and earn scheme and helps you avail beneficial vouchers.

The service and response provided by HDFC bank are recognised for their straightforward and spontaneous response and helping privileges. The data above can help you understand the HDFC bank's benefits.

I hope you liked our article on HDFC Referral Code. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I refer and earn in HDFC securities?

Ans: You need to become a referral partner with the bank by filling up an empanelment form in your nearest branch. Complete your KYC and provide the required documents. 

Once you become a referral member, you can share and earn through refer and earn security.

Q2. What is the referral amount of HDFC security?

Ans:  The referral amount of HDFC security is Rs 500, which you get in the form of vouchers at every referral. You can avail the benefits of the amount on the platforms that are offered by the HDFC bank.

Q3. How can I claim an HDFC gift voucher?

Ans:  The voucher money gets credited directly into your HDFC account. This money can be used to make more purchases with that account.

To avail of the coupon, go over to the company's website and register into the existing profile. Check for the page that indicates Redeem Gift Code then when you've signed in.

Most of those are text bars where other information must be entered. The Gift Card is processed, and the money is paid when you put in the passcode. You can also receive the gift card via mail.

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