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Published on January 4, 2024

MyTeam 11 Referral Code is an amazing team-building map that allows you to collect your favorite cricket players and allows you to put them in a single team.

 Before each upcoming match from your favorite sport, it can allow you to create a match team for your exact game and allow you to play it. You can use your knowledge and your favorite players to win some amazing prizes.

You can easily download the app and make use of it as it has been made very accessible. The game is India’s most popular app that allows you to compete and interact with other players also trying to win.

The game is very simple, it allows you to guess the best playing 11 from any match and you can easily win some cash prizes. If this seems like something that seems fun to you, you should download the app and check it out for yourself. 

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My Team 11 Referral Code


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Click To Copy MyTeam 11 Referral Code


How to Avail My Team 11 Refer Earn Offer

  • Open My Team 11 App.
  • Tap on “Refer Friends” under My Profile
  • Now, on the next page you will see your myteam11 referral code
  • Copy and Share the code among your friends
  • You will get rewarded once user signs up using your referral code

Advantages and Disadvantages of the MyTeam11 App


  • There are many advantages to my team 11 apk, as it is a very interesting concept and it can be a great way to get invested in your favorite sport and have fun with it.

    There are plenty of games to be played and the app has anything you may be interested in. 
  • You can also get a variety of Cash bonuses and cashback for players actively interacting with the game. They have a daily scratch card system and have many free coupons that they can give to the players on a regular players
  • They have also added a number of games such as Ludo, Chess, Teen Patti, Etc that can be played on the app, and you can win more cash prizes through these games as well.


  • The app can be very engaging and fun which is great, but it can be a bit of a drain on your time, so it is important to keep in mind to make sure you do not spend too much time on it.

MyTeam11 account opening process

  • Step 1: To Open your own my team account, you first need to visit the website or my team 11 apk download. Once this has been done, you must click on the register/login button.
  • Step 2: After clicking on this button, you will find yourself in a form that will require some basic information. You can also simply use your Facebook or Google account to log into the website or app.

    It will use the details you have input in those accounts to input similar details in the MyTeam11 account.
MyTeam11 account.

Alternative Method of Download

  • Step 1: Another path to choose is to download the MyTeam11 app from your preferred app store. This application is available on the Apple Appstore

    And there exists an APK for the Android version on the website making it accessible to both primary mobile systems available. The app is very easy to gain access to.
  • Step 2: Upon downloading the application, a very similar form will become accessible to all users. Filling out the form will allow you to create your MyTeam11 account with minimal issues. The process is incredibly simple and easy to follow. 

How to download the android app?  

The Application is available on IOS platforms; however, it is not available on Google App Store. For android users who wish to download the application on their Android devices, they would have to follow the following steps.

  • Step 1: The very first step is to open the MyTeam11 application and click on the Download for Android option. This option will begin the download for an APK which is an application file that can be run on any android device.
  • Step 2: Once the APK has been downloaded, you can open the file which will begin the installation process.
installation process.

If this is your very first time downloading and using an APK on your device, there will be a prompt that may require you to allow access to certain files. Once you provide the permission, the installation process will begin immediately.

This would ideally complete the App installation process. The APK can be found here. You can download the application from the Apple Appstore from this link.

This can be a complicated process and it can take up quite some time to do. The following video should help in making the process easier.

What is refer and earn?

Refer and earn is a system that is incorporated in many different applications that allows you to leverage your social networks to refer applications, links, and codes to individuals in your sphere of Influence.

If they choose to participate in the application and use your link or your code in their signing up process, you can receive a certain cash benefit that will be directly added to your account and can be withdrawn from there.

This is a system to benefit the system as well as bring in more people and reward those that can bring more people to interact with the application.


MyTeam11 Refer and earn process

  • The MyTeam11 Refer and earn scheme is one that can allow you to earn up to 1000 Rs, which will get added to your application 
  • wallet. You can get 50rs per person when your friends join the application and verify details such as Pan Card Number and Mobile Number. 
  • The rest is earned whenever someone you have referred loads their myteam11 wallet with 50RS or more. You get paid 5% into your account. 

The process goes as follows

You open your account and click on the Refer a Friend section. Here you will receive a link that can be shared with a friend and if an account is created through this and they verify the account,

You gain some benefit. This can be done within unlimited amounts of time. 

Refer and earn schemes/Ongoing offers

The Current refer and Earn scheme is one that can allow you to earn up to 1000 Rs from referring your friends to the application if they use your link. There are various other schemes that allow you to earn a fair bit.

  • You can use the Referral code EBONUS100 to gain 100rs for free if you open your account. You also get a 100% Cashback on the first deposit of up to 200Rs.
  • There is a Phonepe Scratch Card offer that also exists. 
  • These are only some of the many offers that take place on the application as the app grows, there is a great deal of 
  • Most of your Winnings will be added to your wallet which can then be transacted out of it.

What benefits does the referred person get?

Using this code can get the referred person an amount of around 100 Rs as the sign-up bonus. It also makes it so they can share this information

And codes with other friends, allowing them to leverage their social network to gain a benefit from the process. The referred person will get a free 100 Rs

And they will get the ability to invest in the ecosystem with minimal effort and they don’t need any starting amount which can be very beneficial

Referral amount withdrawal process

To Withdraw any of your winnings as part of the application, you are required to complete your KYC process which will require your bank details, email ID, and your Pan Card.

You will have to verify your account and update the details of your bank account and submit all required details.
These details will then be verified in around 2 days,

And you will receive your money instantly in the back account itself without much issue. 

MyTeam11 terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions must be followed if you wish to earn the Amount from the referral process. These are:

  • You Need to Complete Pan Card Verification 
  • Need to have a Verified Account
  • Have only a single account, as the application does not allow you to operate more than one.
  • You Should not make multiple accounts in an attempt to try and get multiple referrals

These are some of the terms and conditions that need to be followed to make sure that the system is safe and can function properly. 

Final Overview

These were some of the most essential aspects related to MyTeam 11 Referral Code. Be sure to connect with the professional My Team 11 team to avail more information about the terms and conditions and referral codes offered by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

1. How do I find the MyTeam11 referral code?

Your my team 11 referral code is available after you register your account through the mobile application. You can find it in the Refer to friend Option as a link or a code that can be made available to you.

2. How do I get my bonus money in MyTeam11?

You can gain access to the Bonus money or the My Team 11 credits through referrals and various systems and other codes. This amount cannot be withdrawn, however.

3. How do I get my referral bonus on My11Circle?

To gain your bonus for the My11Circle, you must first download the app, make an account and click on the refer and earn option.

Here you will find a link that can be shared with friends, and once your friend downloads the apps, you will gain some amount of the Bonus as part of the Refer and Earn system.

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