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Published on January 2, 2024

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OKEx Invite Code

Invite codes and referrals help you gain just that. But unfortunately, all sites and codes aren’t trustworthy and could pose a threat to your device.

Thus, having complete awareness of what you sign up for, is extremely necessary. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the OKEx App,

which will help you gain amazing bonuses while you register on one of the most trusted and highly rated crypto exchange platforms in the world.

Let’s explore the OKEx app while we take a step-by-step guide through its registration up to the investment procedures. Learn, not only to invest, but also to gain bonuses through this app.

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How to Avail OKEx Refer And Earn Offer

  • Open OKEx App.
  • Click the Profile button in the upper left corner.
  • To obtain your OKEx refer code, select Invite Friends.
  • Share your referral code with your friends and family and offer them free crypto gifts.
okex app

What is OKEx?

OKEx is a crypto exchange app where crypto-currencies can be traded according to the rules and regulations set by Malta.

While the app is still in its booming phase, it is reported to have a brighter future due to its stringent security policies and continuously updated data bases.

The OKEx app operates its two major branches: the Exchange and DeFi, which provides an opportunity to earn through interest and also to create your own functionalities.

OKEx’s major attractions are their invite code and referral bonuses. Users can gain up to $30 as a signup reward and gain a 100% rebate on fees.

How to sign up for OKEx Account?

Here is a step by step guide to sign up for OKEx.

Step 1: Visit the official OKEx website or download the app on your mobile device using Appstore/Playstore.

okex app

Step 2: Allow the required permissions the app seeks and enter your Email ID or mobile number. Enter an existing referral code or leave the space blank. 


Step 3: Enter a six digit OTP that will be sent to your registered ID or mobile number.

okex sign up

Step 4: Enter a strong password and your account is ready to use!

okex sign up
okex sign up

How to get your OKEx Invite Code?

OKEx invite code is available at the ‘Profile’ tab that is provided on the left hand top corner of the mobile app. You can send across this code with the help of other messaging apps and your friends will receive it in the form of a link.

This link will help them refer and invite some more people to join the app. Each invitation code comes with an expiry date, thus be sure to use it on time. Here’s a link to a video that will help you understand the process better. 

How to Avail Referral Code?

Once you send across the invite code people will join with the help of the link. This will further generate your rewards. The rewards are liable to change after you have referred five or more people to the platform.

Similarly, you too, can earn by using a referral code while you create a new account. Thus, the profit is two way. The invitees as well as the new joiners gain profits.

But in order to earn income, the user is supposed to verify his/her account. A photo verification is a necessary step in order to avail cash bonus.

Also, the user needs to invest some amount into the account to continue with further profits and bonuses.

OKEx Affiliate

As stated earlier, once the user invites 5 or more people, the mode of rewards change. They are no longer liable to receive cash rewards, but are rather given 30% of the trading fees generated.
This reward is calculated to be equal to the invitee’s reward. It is calculated on a daily basis and is accordingly deposited to the affiliate’s account.

OKEx Fees

OKEx has a simple yet complex fee structure. It works similar to the other apps but some members are given more profit and rebate on fees that help them save and invest more.
Regular users are determined over a period of 30 days. They are accordingly categorized as VIPs and are liable to less fees as they hold more OKB, which is a kind of OKEx token.
Not only users, but coins too, are distinguished. Subjected fees differ according to the coin type and are broadly divided into three types.
Makers have further benefits and are liable to more profit as opposed to the takers. Fees can be rebated in the case of a high level VIP.
Visit the Fees pages here to understand the fee structure of OKEx.

Overview of OKEx referral code

Various services can be availed with the help of the OKEx app. With the OKEx referral code funds can be easily transferred. In no time a transaction takes place, at the tip of your fingers.

Referrals also help you pool or save money into the account. Mine and staking are other functions possible with the help of referral codes.

OKEx referrals also help you explore the options of perpetual swaps and spot features. The market tab in the app can lead you to other beneficial functions on the app that can help you grow your account and gain higher profits through trading.

Trading becomes convenient with the help of OKEx as it provides updated information on the crypto-market helping you make the right decisions. Charts and comparative analysis helps you make an informed decision.

Trading and investment on OKEx App with OKEx referral code

Trading and investment is the major motif of this app. It helps you buy, trade and grow your crypto-market with the help of a touch.
With the help of the money available in your account, you can buy a crypto-currency. Following the trend and data provided by the help you can make an informed decision as to when and how to sell your crypto, in order to earn profits.
The app is user friendly and a convenient option for those trying to learn the crypto-currency market. Buying and selling of coins can help you gain major profits. 

Ratings & Reviews of OKEx

OKEx is a highly growing exchange platform. Major sites and websites responded positively to the app and its security system.
App Store provides 4.9 stars to the app, while PlayStore has awarded 4.5 stars. Investopedia.com too has shown immense trust in the app, awarding it 3.8 stars.

Although some users constantly complain about the app speed, they find it convenient and easy to use. Verification step makes the app much more authentic and secure. 


Change is the only constant and with the changing notions of money and investment, the capital market has taken a huge leap towards development.

Apps like OKEx provide further access to such capital market trading, making it an inclusive act. While the app is secure and trustworthy, it is also an easy way to gain profits and take your investment game to another level altogether.

Invite codes and referrals helps you gain extra bonuses. Various types of crypto-currencies can be traded on the app.
While referrals and codes help you earn, you are also liable to some fees. But these fees can be rebated depending on your engagement with the app.

OKEx is a convenient option for budding crypto investors which makes it one of the most popular exchange apps on the internet today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I get an invite code for OKEx?

In order to receive an invite code on OKEx app, one must log in to the app. 

Step 1: Visit the official OKEx website or download the app on your mobile device using App store/PlayStore.
Step 2: Allow the required permissions the app seeks and enter your Email ID or mobile number. Enter an existing referral code or leave the space blank.
Step 3: Enter a six digit OTP that will be sent to your registered ID or mobile number.
Step 4: Enter a strong password and your account is ready to use!

Once you have logged in, the invite code is available in the ‘Profile’ tab available on the left hand top corner of your device. Click on ‘Invite Friends’ and share the code through messaging apps.

2. What is OKX code?

OKX code is an invite/referral code that can help you earn up to 30% trading commissions. In order to avail the benefits you are required to share the de with your friends and make them use the code while they log in. 

Rewards and other bonuses are available at the successful joining of a member through your code. 

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