Squad Run Referral Code

Published on January 1, 2024

Want to know Squad Run referral code? Well you have landed on the right article.

Working on your terms and working for yourself, not for others, or being your own boss. This mentality has gone deep in the people's minds and now they want to work on their own terms and own ways.

To take this step forward the SquadRun app has provided people to earn remotely from their homes and experience working with the best brands in India.

Squad Run referral code

SquadRun is India's biggest remote sales marketplace. One of the best benefits of having the app is that more people can work in their own conditions.

The most common disadvantage is the increased competition in the app, reducing the probability of selection.

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Squad Run Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

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Squad Run Referral Code


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How to Avail Squad Run Refer And Earn Offer

  • First of all, open the app.
  • Go to the main menu of the SquadRun app.
  • Select the refer and earn option.
  • You will see your referral code on the screen.
  • Now, copy your referral code and share it among with your friend, family and relatives.
  • Once someone register on the app using your referral code, you will get rewarded.

How to Create An Account

The process to create the account is simple and the following steps will help you navigate your way

  • To sign up for the app you need to agree to the terms and conditions and continue with the Facebook account.
  • Now open the app and the first screen will show you some information that you will need to fill in.
  • The information includes your gender etc to know you better and gives you a better experience while using the app.
  • The account setup is now completed and ready to be used for earnings.

    How to Earn Money on Squadrun

    The process to win the rewards and money in the Suadrun is shown below

    • The first step is to register yourself in the app.
    • Now open the app and you can choose which work you would love to do and then select that option.
    • If your work meets with quality and the time provided to complete the task you will be rewarded with the Squadcoins.
    • Then you can go to your balance and convert those coins into cash and use them for shopping vouchers and mobile recharge.
    • Types of missions you will get on squadrun- The types of missions you can expect to find on your work are Keyword tagging,

      And data comparison, eliminating spam and moderation work, content creation, surveys, data collection, sentiment analysis, etc.
    • What to do if you don’t get missions on squadrun? : The availability of the missions to you depends upon the quality of your work and commitment to deadlines.

      But sometimes there is no work to do in the app. It may have many reasons like the process of taking the work from clients to convert it into a task to make available to the app user,

      Which may take time or delay in the work from the client's side, and many other factors. The most important thing is to be consistent and wait for the opportunity to come.

    How to Transfer Money to Your Account?

    The squad coins you earn by completing the missions are different from the normal cash. The 100 coins in the app make 1 INR.

    This is an important factor to consider before withdrawing the coins for money. You need to open the app and go to your main balance.

    There you can find the option to get the money in your Paytm account or into your PayU account.

    Offers on Signup  

    The benefit of using the Squadrun app is not limited to the mobile recharge or coins you get when you complete the job.

    One of the core and popular benefits is the offer provided in the signup process, boosting the confidence of people to download the app.

    The referral code you get for the usage, copy it in the clipboard, and paste the code into the sign-in process where it is asked to do. You will receive the credits for using the code.

    Current Offers Going On

    The current offer going in the SquadRun is to get the 5 points in signing up in the app. The points can be used for mobile recharge and drawn from using the Paytm app and PayU app.

    What is Refer and Earn?

    Referring and earning is one of the most common methods used to earn money. Besides the earnings you get using the app

    And you can also get some more earnings by referring the app to other people.

    You can refer the referral link to your friends and family and if they do download the app from the link you can receive benefits.

    Refer and earn process and withdrawal:

    For the refer and earn process you can take the following steps

    • You need to open the app and go to the main menu of the SquadRun app.
    • Now the screen of the menu will show you a list of the options where you need to select the refer and earn option.
    • The screen will show you the code, now copy the copy in your clipboard and share the code with your friends to get the rewards.


    The process of the withdrawal in the app is simple, the step you need to take is following

    • You need to open the app and go to your main balance. There you can find the option to get the money in your Paytm account or into your PayU account.
    • The 100 coins in the app are equal to 1 INR.

    Squad Run Terms and Conditions

    Some of the terms and the conditions of the Squadrun are mentioned here

    • If you agree to the terms and conditions that mean the user and the Squadrun are in a contract. You consciously choose to be bound by the contract.
    • The minimum age of the user should be more than 18 years.
    • On agreeing on the terms and conditions you know and understand that you must agree on other additional terms and conditions for availing of some special features of the app.


    SquadRun was founded by Apurv Agarwal, Kanika Jain, and Vikas Gulati. The SquadRun app provides a platform for doing small work from remote places for sales employment.

    And doing the same, people get rewards and earnings. SquadRun lets the big brands give the small tasks to the people or users of the SquadRun app.

    SquadRun is the largest sales employment provider in India and its working place is remote. The app has more than 10 thousand active sales experts till now, more than 3 crores of customers,

    And distribution of more than 25 crore INT thus far. The article has gone through all the details related to the SquadRun app.

    I hope you liked our article on Squad Run referral code, if you have any comments or suggestions do share them in the comments below.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who is the owner of Squadrun?

    The founders of SquadRun are Apurv Agarwal, Kanika Jain, and Vikas Gulati. Running India's biggest remote sales employment online platform with more than 10 thousand sales experts,

    And 25 cr INR distribution, and more than 3 cr customers till now. Providing the people with financial independence and a boost to their careers.

    2. What is the value of 6000 squadrun coins?

    SquadRun is portrayed more as a game rather than a complete professional website. The earnings that you earn are called Squadcoins.

    The method to convert the squad coins into actual money is simple, if you earn 100 squadcoins while doing the small jobs that are provided that means you have earned 1 INR.

    In other words, 100 Squadcoins equals 1 INR. Now according to the above equation, the 6000 squad coins are equal to 60 INR.

    3. What are other platforms like Squadrun?

    The squadron provides a unique quality to its customers which is hard to find anywhere. Benefits like working with big brands,

    And giving instant money rather than waiting for the end of the month, giving you bonuses and leaderboards, and letting you connect with the community to grow together.

    Some apps like Squadrun are Moocash, mCent Browser, Loco, AppBounty, etc.

    4. Can I download Squadrun through the app store or play store in India?

    The Squadrun app is available for both Android and iOS users and on the Google play store and the apple store respectively.

    To download the app depending upon the platform you use you can download the app from the Google Play store ( for android ) and the app store ( for iOS ).

    The procedure of signup into the app is clarified in detail in the article after downloading the app.

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