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Published on January 9, 2024

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The education sector is one of the biggest within India, and there are many players and many contenders within this industry.

Each playing their role and having their niche. In India, the revolution in the education sector happens constantly, with changes coming and going as a constant.

New strategies and new aspects are adopted constantly, and Unacademy is one of the newer entries in this realm.

The platform focuses on providing crucial information about how students can work through the major competitive exams and learn in their own time.

Unacademy’s system as an online learning platform focuses on providing video lectures to the students. These video lectures are designed and curated by experienced academicians who have been in the industry for long periods.

It is available for students aiming for competitive examinations such as UPSC, CAT, and GATE among many others.

The Founder of Unacademy is Gaurav Manjal

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How to Avail Unacademy Refer Earn Offer

  • Open Unacademy App.
  • Click on three lines on top left.
  • At the bottom, click on settings. 
  • Now you can choose the refer and earn option in the menu bar. 
  • You now have access to the options such as Invite via Whatsapp or Invite Via Messenger, which can be clicked on to share the referral code or the referral link. 

How To Sign in Unacademy

Unacademy is a great platform for any individuals who are wishing to delve into the world of education and begin again on their education.

It is great for those who are seeking to learn and develop themselves as better students and increase their levels as students. It is a website that allows you to set your goals and start working towards those goals. 

To sign into the Unacademy platform the following steps need to be followed:

Step 1: The very first step is to download the application from the Appstore or play store. You can even visit the website to begin this process.

Step 2: Once it is required, you must input your full name, email information and State. 

Step 3: You may be able to set up a few goals that can help the website know your overall intent, and what you wish to learn at Unacademy. 

Step 4: With this process, you will be requested onto the website

Step 5: If you wish to sign in again, you can use your email details for the process. 

How to use Unacademy

Unacademy is one of the most accessible applications for learners out there and its service to the customers is exceptional.

The application can provide you with all you need for your needs and it can give you everything you need to know about how one can go about making sense of the platform.

But for many, it can also become overwhelming due to the sheer volume of choices and options that are available. The following steps can be undertaken to make the application a little more accessible:

  • Opening the Unacademy App, you will find several lessons that you have to complete among other relevant information about your goals.

  • One must turn their attention to the menu bar below which holds options such as Home, Explore, Notification and Profile.

  • Picking out the Explore Option can provide you with a search bar which can be used to look up topics, ideas, courses and lessons you may wish to learn about and explore.

  • You will also receive a list of tests, for which you can begin preparing and find direct resources, or even programming and IT information that might be to your interests.

  • You can search for any ideas and topics and you could find topics associated with them.

  • There are many educators providing courses on many topics, hence you have a lot more choices in regards to who you learn from which can be very helpful.

Give a referral Code

The referral code is used changes based on the user and different users will have access to different referral codes that they can share with their peers and friends.

The referral code system is one of the most commonly used and can end up being the primary choice for most applications to grow their customer base.

How to Get Your Unacademy Referral Code/Links

Unacaedemy has its own refer and earn programme that functions incredibly well and it is known to provide many benefits to the users that use these codes.

To share and get your unacademy referral code or link, the following steps need to be followed: 

Step 1: First, one must start up the Unacadmey application on mobile or start up the website on desktop.

Step 2: You can click the horizontal lines from the top left corner which will provide you access to the settings.

Step 3: Once you open up the setting at the very end. 

Step 4: Now you can choose the refer and earn option in the menu bar. 

Step 5: You now have access to the options such as Invite via Whatsapp or Invite Via Messenger, which can be clicked on to share the referral code or the referral link. 

Once the link has been charged, the user can now gain access to the many benefits that come with the referral benefits that can be gained.

Unacademy Referral Offer

The primary referral offer that is supported by the Unacademy system is a link or code that can be shared with a friend that can be used at the time of sign-in to provide some external benefits.

One such benefit is a sign-up bonus. This sign-up bonus can be of up to rs. 200 to the individual using the referral code. The referrer will receive Rs 50 for every single user that makes use of the sing code.

You can gain other benefits out of the refer and earn process such as Gift Vouchers for referring friends, and up to 10% of credits whenever a subscription takes place through someone who has been introduced by your link.

How to Refer Friends

The refer and earn process and its overall success are very dependent on your friends. To refer the application to your friends, you can seek out the referral link and the referral code.

If your friends are peers and want to develop their ability as test takers, then informing them about Unacademy and its many benefits can be the perfect way to get it.

The link can be shared via social media or through texting applications and they can be 
referred to the application through those means.

How to Withdraw the credit points

As we mentioned before, the program is designed for learning and not earning. The credit points you accumulate

can be used to get discounts on any Unacademy Plus subscriptions.

Different offers available at the moment on Unacademy

There are many offers available for those who are seeking benefits at the moment, and the application can reward you with gift vouchers for referring friends and some percentage on their subscriptions.

Many other benefits can be sought after and found out by those that wish to learn more about the overall process.

referring friends

Unacademy Customer Care Number  

The unacademy customer care is known to be one of the most reliable, and it can not only provide the basic customer care requirements that might be needed.

But it can also help clear up any questions one might have about learning on the Unacademy platform and what the students can expect out of their experience.

The platform has a lot to offer, and customer care can be contacted on the following number:
Customer Care: +91 8585858585

Ratings & Reviews of Unacademy

Unacademy is known to be one of the highest rated applications for education and learning. It has been rated 4 and a half stars by G2, and it is considered one of the best options for those who wish to prepare for competitive examinations and find a good space to learn in.

The application is known to provide a great deal of guidance, and many educators can support your aims as a student. 

Terms And Conditions

The Unacademy referral programme has its own set of terms and conditions that need to be followed for continued access to the application.

The terms and conditions are mandatory and these are crucial for making sure there is no improper use of the application whatsoever. These conditions are as follows:

  • The extension reward is limited and will only be received by the friend if they subscribe and pick out the same goals as you did.
  • Even if the objective that your friend has been referred for has expired, the provision and extension of one year are present, from the time that the friend has signed up.
  • Purchase of a different goal, after the initial goal expert, is not counted as the same, and the extension will only be on the initial goal and not the secondary one.
  • In case of several objectives being taken up by a user, the extension will only exist for the one goal that is paid for by the friend utilizing the coupon code, and none of the others. 


Unacademy as an application has a lot to offer to its users and the application has a lot of benefits that its users can glean.

The application is a great choice for most who are looking for a good option to improve their ability to study and begin to prepare for some very important examinations.

Be sure to check the terms of service to capitalize on the benefits offered on this platform

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get a Unacademy subscription for free?

Ans: Unacademy Plus is a paid aspect of the overall Unacademy system that provides a number of live classes and can provide you with more interactivity with the educators that are on the application. 

The Unacademy subscription can be found for free, as part of their scholarship programme, where you can take a Combat text, where you can prepare for it.

By scoring well on the combat test, you can gain certain discounts, and by getting the first 3 ranks, you can gain access to unacademy plus for 1 year for no cost.

2. How do you get 20% off Unacademy?

Ans: There are many ways to gain access to a 20% off on unacademy, and these methods can include using the Combat tests, which can provide 25% off if you rank between rank 51 – 150.

You can also make use of certain referral codes that can provide a very similar benefit to you. 

3. How do you refer a friend to Unacademy?

Ans: To refer a friend to Unacademy, you must find your referral link or referral code in the Unacademy application. It is important to find the right code or the right link and share it with the friend.

The code can be shared via social media and it can also be shared via texting platforms. Once the code is used in the sign-up process, they will receive the sign-up bonus, as well as you can receive the referral bonus. 

4. How do you get Unacademy rewards?

Ans: To gain access to the many Unacademy rewards, one must first make sure that they are fully involved in the refer and earn programme that is conducted by the platform.

They can make use of their referral code to refer more people to the application. By doing so, it can become easy to gain access to the many rewards that are being provided by the academy.



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