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Published on January 9, 2024

Do you download a variety of applications just to remove them later because you didn't like them?

That takes up time, don't you think? Do you like to get compensated for performing the same task? Sure, you can!

Whaff Invite Code is an app that rewards you financially for downloading new applications. It resembles sponsored beta testing or product testing in several ways. 


It's a fantastic money-making program that pays you only for installing new applications. You earn money by downloading the app. You frequently don't need to do anything to generate money.

Once you've been paid, you may simply download, install, and then remove the software. You may occasionally use the software you download to make additional money by keeping it on the phone or engaging with it.

Although numerous applications offer you money to install other apps, we think you should give one a try. But Whaff Rewards appears to be the topic of conversation everywhere.

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Whaff Invite Code Video Tutorial

Whaff Invite Code And Earn Money

Whaff Invite Code


Using Invite Code Get

Free Rs 25 Cashback

Earn per Referral

Rs 25

Invite a Friend program

Only For App

Whaff Redeem Point

Gift Vouchers

Click To Copy Whaff Invite Code


How to Avail Whaff Refer Earn Offer

  • Download the whaff app
  • Login with your facebook account and click on proceed
  • A box for invitation code will pop up
  • Enter code ”IA07365”
  • You would get 0.40 dollars as signup bonus only if you enter the code.

Steps to Earn from The WHAFF Reward App

Nowadays, it's much simpler to make money online. One method is to use the Android application "Whaff Rewards," which is currently accessible on Google Play.

Installing the "Whaff Rewards" application is possible on any smartphone and tablet that are already running the Android operating system.

It's really simple to use Whaff Rewards.

  1. Get the "WHAFF Rewards" app from the Google Play store

  2. Sign in to WHAFF using your Facebook account.

  3. Once you've logged in to Facebook, use the invitation code (AP82917) to instantly receive $0.30 free.

  4. Select the Whaff Options and Premium Options Menus and then complete the instructions.
    If the prize is at least $10, it may be transferred to a Paypal account or exchanged for some gift cards

  5. After seeing the proof, You redeemed the incentives.

Steps To Earn From WHAFF Reward App to Invite Freinds

Launch your Whaff Rewards application and sign up using the invitation code "HY73235."

Start sharing the application with your friends through Facebook, Whatsapp, email, or hangouts mode by going to the "Invite Friends" option. You'll need your referral code later, so write that down as well.

  • You may also invite all choices in Whaff Picks to get $0.30.

  • Each user of a whaff invitation code will receive $.30. (Rs 20).

  • You and your buddy will each receive an additional reward of about $0.30 when they sign up for Whaff Rewards.

    Make sure to share the Whaff invite code with your buddy so they may use it to sign up.

Steps To Earn From WHAFF Premium Packs

  • Install Reward - By Downloading Top-Rated Games or Applications.

  • Daily Play - By regularly using downloadable applications and games.

  • Daily Reward: By keeping your device's applications updated.

  • Users should refrain from engaging in any of the following behaviours that whaff rewards prohibit:

  • Adding your Play Store review invitation code to Whaff

  • Various ids should be used for different devices, and conversely.

  • Invitation to the Whaff Rewards accounts through spam.

How To Redeem Earning From The Whaff Reward App

The great thing about Whaff Rewards would be that it provides you with a lot of alternatives for using your prizes. Other systems' compensation possibilities are often relatively constrained.

What you can receive is as follows:

  • Visa gift cards

  • Credit cards

  • Cash

Rewards cards and coupons are available from a variety of brands and shops, including Starbucks and PlayStation. You receive paid within three days if you want to receive your incentives in cash.

WHAFF Rewards Terms And Condition

  • Whaff Rewards is a totally honest rewards program.
  • Users should refrain from using VPNs, hacking techniques to get whaff rewards hack code, or other fraudulent methods because Whaff will ban your account.
  • Only real references, not phoney referrals, should be requested.
  • Through referral programs, completing whaff offers, and other methods, users may earn an endless number of gifts.
  • The whaff rewards app must be used every day by users.
  • Join the staff chores as well as the refer-and-earn program to demonstrate that you will be a true whiff user.
  • Reinstall the software using the URL provided above to the Google Play Store if a network problem occurs.
  • Contact support@whaff.com if users are experiencing any additional problems or are not receiving referral credits. Users will hear back from the whaff rewards team within 24 hours.


If you want to grab gift cards or spare cash, WR is a simple method to do it. The software is simple to use.

You don't get to do anything difficult or time-consuming. It is completely free. You don't require any hacks or unique techniques.

To get your rewards, download and install Whaff Rewards and activate the applications they propose. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use more than one ID on Whaff rewards?

A1. NO! The following activities are not permitted: - Using a VPN, proxy, or any other method that allows unauthorized (abnormal) access to WHAFF. - Submitting your whaff rewards code (invitation code for evaluation on Google Play - Using numerous IDs on the same device - Using numerous IDs on multiple devices.

Q2. What are Whaff rewards?

A2. Whaff Pays is free software that rewards you for downloading and installing other applications. If you currently use applications on your phone, as most people do, it's a very simple way to make money and discover new apps that may become current favourites.

Q3. How do I install apps on Whaff picks?

A3. Install app deals are available under the Whaff Picks area, and all you have to do is download apps, open them, and then remove them. We suggest leaving the app on your phone for at least 3 - 4 minutes after installation to ensure you get credited. You may not be credited if you delete the program too fast.

Q4. How do Whaff rewards make money from app promotions?

A4. What you want and need to know if you are new to this idea, is as follows: WHAFF essentially serves as a platform for app promotion for both developers and advertising.

They pay WHAFF to advertise the applications, and you receive a tiny portion of that payment to test out the app. This means that everyone benefits.

WR is compensated with a compensation every time a user installs an app they helped promote on the web. Then, a part of this amount is given to the user.

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