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Published on January 2, 2024

If you order food online with Zomato then, Zomato gives a special reward credited to its consumers. The reward gets stored in an option named- Zomato Piggy Bank.

There are so many benefits of enabling this feature like getting a discount on every order placed in a partner restaurant.
You can also collect Z coins by ordering at normal restaurants. If you enable this option now then you can avail joining bonus and use it to order from Zomato.

The company also donates a part of the amount ordered from piggybank to needy people or NGOs like The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Note : Referral Program for Zomato PiggyBank has been Discontinued 
The Refer and Earn Program you are looking for has been closed. To continue your passive earning you can also check our related articles and earn instant signup and referral bonus!

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Zomato PiggyBank Refer And Earn Video Tutorial

[PRAS2821S]Zomato PiggyBank Referral Code

Zomato PiggyBank Referral Code


Using Referral Code Get

Zomato Balance

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100 PiggyBank Balance

Invite a Friend program

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Zomato PiggyBank Redeem

Food and Grocerry

Click To Copy Zomato PiggyBank Referral Code


How to Avail Zomato PiggyBank Refer Earn Offer

  • Launch Zomato PiggyBank App.
  • Simply click the Piggybank logo.
  • Enter the invite code
  • select "Get it now"
  • You were successful in redeeming your Piggybank Invite code.
  • You won't be charged to activate your membership.
  • 100 Z Your Piggybank account will receive credit for the coins.

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Key Points of Zomato Piggy Bank

  1. If you want to avail exciting rewards then register to Zomato piggy bank using the invitation code.

  2. You can use the invitation code of your friend also but he/she needs to be an existing user.

  3. There’s a reward of 100Z coins after joining it.

  4. If you have not ordered this month, don’t worry Z coins will expire next month.

  5. You can earn 10% coins for your piggy bank on every order.

  6. You can use those 10% coins to order from Zomato partner restaurants.

  7. You can order from any restaurant and can win Z coins but can spend them on orders placed with Zomato partner restaurants.

If you have Zomato’s official application on your mobile then it will be very easy for you to get the benefits of Zomato Piggy Bank otherwise to avail of the benefits firstly install the application on your device.

After installing you will be able to order from Zomato and get rewarded for that. To register or get into this program there are no charges charged from you it is totally free of cost.

All you need is to enter the invitation code and get started to avail the benefits. For every new joining, Zomato rewards the user and boosts their interest to use the application.

There are so many things involved in this that you can understand better by reading the steps given below.

After knowing such points now, I think you want to know more about this option. So, let's dig in-

Working of Zomato Piggy Bank

To avail of this benefit, the first step is that you need to order, on every order you will get 10% of the ordered value back in your Zomato piggy bank as Z coins.

You can enjoy this benefit on every order you place and can pay 10% of your next order from this. There’s an amazing thing about this offer that you can enjoy it with any other discounts or offers running currently.

This is not the end, by placing an order you can also spread happiness and help the ones who need it. Yes, Zomato donates 1 rupee to The Akshaya Patra Foundation on your behalf and this is the world’s largest NGO that provides mid-day meals to children.

By placing an order from Zomato you directly become the reason behind the smile of the children. On calculating the amount, an estimate of 1.25 crore a month can be donated to The Akshaya Patra Foundation by just donating 1 rupee by placing an order from Zomato Piggy Bank.

This huge amount can fill many children with happiness. Not only for children this program is also beneficial for you.

If you are a regular customer ordering from Zomato then Zomato will reward you with 200 Z coins worth 200 rupees based on your geographical location and loyalty towards Zomato.

Now, Zomato is going to give this benefit to all its customers who place a minimum of 5-6 orders every month. Zomato Gold users, there's a privilege that they can access the Piggy Bank option earlier.

Steps to redeem Zomato Piggy Bank Invite code

  1. Download the latest version of the Zomato App.

  2. Register (new user) or login (existing user)

  3. Tap on the Zomato Piggy bank option.

  4. After selecting the option enter the invitation code.

  5. You can earn free 100 Z coins.

  6. You can use those Z coins to get a 10% discount on your order.

Steps to get free Z coins in your Piggy Bank using the code

  1. Register or login

  2. Select the Zomato Piggy Bank option.

  3. Enter the invitation code to get 100 Z coins worth 100 rupees.

  4. You can win 50 Z coins worth 50 rupees every time a new user joins Zomato Piggy Bank.

  5. You can find your invitation code in your profile.


If you are a regular consumer or order regularly from Zomato then Piggy Bank is the best option for you because using this can also bring happiness to someone’s life and also benefit yourself.

To avail of the benefit and enjoy free rewards you can follow the steps mentioned above and also benefit your friends and loved ones.

Zomato donates 1 rupee on your behalf to The Akshaya Patra Foundation (the world's largest NGO) whenever you place an order from Zomato Piggy Bank. You can get and use 10% value back while ordering food with Zomato’s partner restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get an invite code for Google Pay?

By selecting the refer and earn option then clicking the share option available there.

Q2. Can I refer and earn a reward?

Yes, you can earn free cash or points by simply referring to your friend.

Q3. What is Zomato Piggy Bank?

It is a program in which Zomato rewards its loyal customers.

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